Thursday, March 12, 2020

How to Repair the Limited Charging Port of Your iPhone 11

One of the most common problems of a large number of iPhone users is the limited charging port. The common problem here is that the charging port is not suitable for the new size of iPhone. This article provides tips and instructions on how to fix this problem.
What makes the port unpluggable? One of the main reasons is the change in size of the phone itself. The time the phone was in the store and the space of the charging port is now smaller. The bigger iPhones do not have this issue because they are too big and cannot fit into the small charging port.
To fix this problem, you can simply remove the extra port of the phone and place it in the same place. It might look very simple but it is not easy to do. This might be a little complicated to accomplish but it is just a matter of adjusting the size of the charging port on the port adapter.

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Another way is to use a flexible cable. The iPhone 11 comes with a new flexible, flex cable which allows the phone to be placed in the existing port even if the size of the phone is not big enough. Just make sure you get a proper sized adaptor for your phone so you don't end up with a tangled cable.
Another important step to fixing this problem is to find the area of the holes of the charging port. Place the adaptor on the hole on the phone and run the cable to the left of the hole. Keep the adaptor in that position for a while so the charging port can adjust to the new size of the iPhone. Then, it will stay there once you reconnect the cable.
If you find the holes too close or too far away from each other, you can always opt for the non-flexible cables. But this solution is not ideal for two reasons. The first one is that the iPhone 11 cannot be adjusted properly and the second reason is that the charging port adaptor is now attached on the wrong spot. The right place for the adaptor should be at the bottom of the phone.
If you are not confident about fixing the problem on your own, you can opt for the professional iPhone repairing services. You should get the flex cable from the repair shop before you take the phone in for repair.
But you should also know that the iPhone adaptor does not have a ground wire. So, there is no place to put the flex cable on and it is only effective if you get an adaptor that has a ground wire attached to it. To make sure you are using the correct flex cable, you can check the label or logo.

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