Saturday, January 2, 2021

Solo Inn Hotel - The Best Inn Experience In Kerala


The Solo Inn Hotel and Restaurant in Fort Kochi is an exquisite eatery that provides all the charm you could ask for. You will never get bored at this Kerala themed resort. You can also explore the backwaters of Alleppey, Kumarakom and Kovalam. A delightful experience awaits you at the Solo Inn Hotel and Restaurant in Fort Kochi.

The fort of Fort Kochi was built during the Mughal period and has lots of antique shops within it. The hotel is located at a very comfortable height where you can see the sun rise and set in the blue sky all year round. The rooms have air conditioner facility as well.

In this restaurant you will get to try the variety of food available in Kerala. There are various kinds of chicken, beef, vegetables, and sea foods available in this restaurant. If you are in a mood to try something new, you can order a dish that is not available at the counter. This restaurant is situated at a very safe area.

The restaurant serves the best home made breakfast. You may like to try other home made breakfast delicacies also. The Solo Inn restaurant is also known for its wide collection of wines from all over the world. Some famous ones are American brand, Australian brand and French brand.

The restaurant serves delicious home made lunch and dinner. You can try kebabs, prawns, rice or any other delicacy available in the menu. The hotel restaurant is open 24 hours and you can have the delicious meal anytime during the day. You can relax at the hotel lounge and feel cozy with your friends. The Solo Inn hotel is located at a very safe place. hotel in kerala

It has been received by the tourists and has been liked by them. The Solo Inn restaurant has also been complimented by the doctors of hospitals. The food served in these restaurants is hygienic and healthy. You will surely love the dishes served here.

The rooms have been decorated very elegantly. The hotel has an all-inclusive package that includes the room, air conditioner, shampoo, coffee, tea and much more. You will find everything you need in your room. The rooms are tastefully decorated. They are the perfect place to spend a vacation.

The services offered by the Solo Inn include room service, telephones, internet, fax and much more. There are many things you would like to do in your room. You can surf the internet in the relaxing atmosphere or you can take a walk in the nearby forests. You can go for yoga or dancing in the evening. You can have a romantic dinner in your room and then you can set off for some sightseeing.

You can count on the friendly services of the staff at the Solo Inn hotel. There are many services offered by them, such as housekeeping, room service, laundry, transport to nearby places, etc. At the same time, you are able to enjoy the excellent food. The restaurant at the inn serves some of the best food in Kerala.

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