Tuesday, September 14, 2021

35 Karasivy Designs Wardrobe Styles


The 35 krasivy designs wardrobe was originally a collaboration of three different designers: Marina Sechi, Corinne Maurer and Yves Saint Laurent. The collaboration began when Marina Sechi, a Russian designer was invited to Paris to attend the Fashion Institute of Paris' Spring/Summer Series. During her stay in the French capital, she met Yves Saint Laurent, a French designer who at that time, was just beginning to gain recognition in Europe. The two designers decided to form a company to market their joint designs and eventually became one of the leading clothing companies in the world.

The Spring/Summer collections from this fashion house showcase levi artes and embroidery work by Marina Sechi and Corinne Maurer. The designs consist of dresses with fitted bodices with overlay panels and frilled cuffs. Other accessories include jewelry such as beads, crystals, pearls and gold. The levi artes are embroidered in pink, blue and black.

This year, the levi artes collection for Spring/Summer will feature a blue dress with frills on the bodice and off-white sleeves with pink accents. It also features blue embroidered panels on the skirt and the bodice. For accessories, the dress has pink crystal brooches and pink, gold and turquoise earrings. All the same, the levi artes are accented with blue, green and turquoise beadwork. This year's levi artes even has levi antiques incorporated into the designs.

The levi artes from the Spring/Summer wardrobe come in four different categories: shawls, dresses, cardigans and skirts. Each piece is inspired by a different color combination. Each wardrobe also showcases four different neckline designs: scoopneck, mermaid, triangle and straight. Each piece of clothing also comes with a matching belt and purse.

The Shawls have an elegant, romantic look about them. They are designed to fall straight from the neckline, which give the illusion of long, smooth legs. They are also adorned with beautiful gold beads in blue, green and red. The dressier version of the scarf is the shawl that has a slightly flared hemline.

The dresses are elegant, delicate and have a beautiful beaded lace finish. They are perfect for day wear or special occasions. They also have a matching belt and purse to complete the look. The cardigans are made of light, cotton materials with frills and have open collars.

The cardigans are very practical, especially the triangle design. They are designed to match any outfit and can be worn over a shirt or sweater to create an easy to maintain ensemble. The last, but not least, are the shawls, which are perfect for those times when you want to relax and put your hair up. The levi designs also come in a variety of colors including: soft blue, mocha, chocolate, mauve, hunter green, white, lavender, honey, pink, and a wide range of neutral shades.

35 Karasivy designs are the perfect addition to any spring/summer collection. They will complement your other spring/summer wardrobe pieces beautifully and create a beautiful balance. These designs are also available in online stores, so you won't have to worry about limited amounts being ordered. Take the time to browse the site and find the perfect levi that fits your needs. Make sure that your levi is among the ones being offered by 35 Karasivy. Whether you are looking for a great new look, or just simple, elegant additions to your wardrobe, take the time to browse the site and choose from the many options available.

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